Seventy Six Falls Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Book Two

Coming Spring 2017

If the L WORD (hot fantasy lesbians), Sex and the City (engaging in girl talk), and Seinfeld (about nothing) were dumped into a martini shaker, what would emerge is the Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist series. The series both informs and entertains the reader as the heroine becomes your own personal virtual sex therapist.

In Eagle Cove we were immersed into Thalia's life where we too grew to love her chosen family and the community in which both her practice and her life thrives.

Thalia is settling into a new life which now includes Amara, her pregnant lover, and her large and accepting Greek family. Nothing can interfere with their newfound happiness.

Or can it?

The Supreme Court’s recent decision has legalized marriage for same-sex couples nationwide and LGBT couples everywhere are beginning to discuss their future just as straight couples have done for years.

The Supreme Court’s decision wasn’t happy news for everyone, particularly for radical fundamentalist Christians in the bible belt. One such person is Karen Dolt, County Clerk for Williams County, Kentucky.

Her refusal to honor the oath of office and issue licenses to same-sex couples has resulted in a media frenzy and an annoyance for several couples in the county.

But when one of Karen’s refusals results in a tragedy that shakes Thalia to the core, will she be permanently damaged or will the power of love heal her wounded soul?