Welcome to Bohemian Yoga

Welcome to Bohemian Yoga Bohemian Yoga's mission, is to allow each Yogi to find what is within, taking everything they know and do not know - in that moment - on that mat, where ease and suffering meet in one breath, expecting nothing, honoring their freedom to be.

What Type of Yoga is Bohemian Yoga? Bohemian Yoga is a blended discipline of many practices, following the  core belief that it is movement and breath that leads, and not position and challenge.  While verbal prompts and visual examples are offered, it is the individual yogi that interputs the instructor's message and movement, and proceeds in experiencing the pose without fear of correction or  negative comment.

Sample of  Service Contracts: On-site  Yoga Classes offered:Bohemian Yoga - Current Practice: Individual, Group Dayton, Ohio YMCA: Hatha Yoga & Mixed, Sliver Sneakers

Greenville, Ohio YMCA: Hatha Yoga, Exercise classes (Ball/weights)

Naturally Focused: Massage Center , Lancaster, California Private and small group Hatha and restorative classes, Massage Therapist

Antelope Valley College: Los Angeles County, California. Hatha – Level 1

Palmdale, California, Parks and Recreation – Senior Citizen Center: Hatha Yoga, Exercise class

Lancaster, California, Parks and Recreation – Hatha Yoga, Pre-natal, Restorative

Woman First – Palmdale California – Hatha Yoga & Mixed

Yoga Spa – Quartz Hill, California (closed) – Hatha, Children’s, Restorative, Mixed

Private and Business Clients: Both in California and Ohio (individual and group)

Special Events: MS Walk,  Aides Walk (Yoga session and guided meditation, prior to walk).

Workshops: Hatha Yoga and Relaxation, Yoga and Reflection, Meditation and Release, Self Massage, Couples Massage

Camp Debenneville Pines Employee Yoga Classes (Hatha, Restorative, Power)