Me a blogger? Who'd have thunk it?

I thought my first blog should be an introduction. So Howdy Ya'll !!! My name is Jo, yep that's it, my whole first legal name. No, it isn't short for anything. I was named after my father Joseph, by the way my brother who was born two years after me was also named Joe. I am 42 years old, in December of last year I married Christian. I have five children, three I gave birth to Edward, Alexandria, and David. I have a step daughter Crystal, who by the way shares my birthday.  Christopher who is actually the oldest, came to live with us when he was a teenager. That's another blog. I currently live in Kentucky, I moved here a year and a half ago from Ohio. I lived in Dayton, Ohio most of my life. Down here I am known as an "import". Most of the people here have lived here their whole lives, and their families have been here since the dawn of time. I live the small town of Livingston. Go ahead and Google map it, I dare ya! It's on the map but mostly all you will see are trees. So how did this city mouse, come to be a country mouse? Well that's what my blog is going to be about. Real country living, not that polished up crap you see on tv.

I think people tend to get tunnel vision. We live our lives thinking this is how everyone else lives as well. If we watch Oprah, and talk about the show with our friends we think everyone watches Oprah. We think everyone Twitters, that we all flip a switch and the lights come on. In the winter if it's cold we flip a switch to get warm. Even people standing in food lines have cell phones, so everyone has a cell phone. So I have decided to flip a switch so to speak, and show you that not everyone does it the way you do.

I will be blogging about my life in the country. All of it, even the parts that are a little embarrassing. I have come to love Kentucky, and if my family lived down here there is no place I would rather be. The people here are down to earth, kind, helpful, and self-sufficient. I wake in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, and I go to sleep at night listening to the song of the Whip-poor-will.

My next blog will be how we got here, and why we stay.