In The News

I just finished reading the local newspaper. It comes out once a week, you can also get the Lexington paper which comes out daily. But who wants to read news about Lexington when it's an hour away. I really get a kick out of the paper. Generally speaking you know just about everything that's going to be in the paper before it comes out. Word of mouth keeps everyone informed. The headline in this weeks paper is about the black bear that kept bothering people. We have a black bear that walks through our yard every once in a while. The first time it was seen was the night we got back home with our U-Haul from Dayton. Christian saw it while he was outside about 1:30 in the morning. I ran to see it but it was gone. Our daughter Crystal was on the front porch early one evening talking on the phone when it again walked through the yard. She waited until it passed and ran inside, of course when I went to look it was gone. All the neighbors have seen, I think I am the only person in this area that hasn't seen it.

The article told the story of the bear stealing trash cans and pulling them into the woods. It also told of a woman who ran the bear off with her mop. It was getting into her trash so she whacked it with the mop. It kept right on rumaging her garbage so she whacked it again. This time the bear got upset and stood on it's hind legs, warning the lady with the mop. So the lady whacked it again, and the bear left. I thought that was funny, cause if a bear gets in my garbage I will wait until he leaves and go clean up the mess. Might need the mop for Then the article went on to say they trapped the bear and where relocating it, along with things you should and shouldn't do when it comes to bears. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't whack it with a mop.

There was also a handy article on tick removal. They are pretty bad this year. Every time we go outside Christopher comes back in with four or five on him. They just seem to really like him. Any time we go into a wooded area, which is anywhere father than our yard, we do a tick check when we get home. Basically you remove your clothes and slowly spin around while someone looks you over for ticks. So there is a bit of glamour living in the country! If you listen to country music there is a song TICKS, by BRAD PAISLEY, it's pretty funny.

There is a lot of church news and articles in the paper. You will find prayers in the paper, something I don't really recall seeing in the city paper. It's very easy to get your picture in the paper. If you have family at your place all at once they will come out and take a picture if you call them. Mostly it's pictures of family reunions, or here is four generations of the so and so family.

It's even easier to get your name in the paper. If you file for a marriage license, buy or sell land, or get arrested it's in there. If you owe money and are being taking to court for it they print that as well. I don't really like that, times are hard for people right now. I don't think it does anyone any good to print their hardships.

Letters to the editor can be pretty good sometimes. I think they publish any letter that comes in. This week there wasn't much, some people from Oregon wanting cemetery information. Thank you letter for help with a festival, and a letter from someone complaining about public documents they requested and weren't given access to. Which you find out at the end of the letter they were finally given what they wanted. During election time the letters got pretty good, the personal information some people put in them is unreal.

There is also the usual stuff obituaries, pictures of events that took place. The classified ads, this week their were fours job ads. Usually there are only two, one for Avon and one for truck driving. Every week ten or fifteen people post notices in the classifieds not to trespass on their land, no hunting or four wheeling. I never knew why people do that, but we have been told that it has to be posted in the paper three times back to back. Even if you have signs on your land, something to do with liability. I think it's so the paper has money coming in myself.

Of course even in the country we have the usual headlines. Drug busts, car wrecks and fires. Doesn't matter where you live you can't get away from bad news. I haven't been able to post quite as much as I want to. It's a busy life down here, always something to do. I have to go check on the blackberries in the morning, saw an ad where someone has them for sale already. I am hoping that with this heat people aren't getting out and picking them all up. So if they are ready then you already know what my next blog is about!