Baker Family Reunion

I had the privilege to attend the Baker Family Reunion  in late September hosted by Jerry Baker, Darla's Uncle.   I must give applause to Mr. Baker for providing a beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming home for all to enjoy .   Mr. Baker is an amazing host anticipating the needs of his guests and making sure no detail was left undone.    Mr. Baker thought of everything.  From the preparation of outstanding food, campsites, fishing gear, old fashioned family gathering around an open fire pit, entertainment for children and family pets I felt privileged to be present.   Along side Mr. Baker were his three children Jason, Jeffrey, and Kristy following in their father's footsteps tirelessly tending to all the details.   The Jerry Baker family operated like a well oiled machine.  It was amazing to watch them. I spent some quality time walking the Baker grounds capturing photos of the family and the scenic setting.    I thank the Baker family for welcoming me into their family.  I had a lovely time.


City Girl