Circle of Life


I am way behind in posting gardening pictures and information.    I have been hit hard in the last six months with the passing of dear friends, family members, and colleagues.    With each passing my therapeutic ritual was my garden.    As tears streamed down my face . . . I processed my sadness, depression, and anger by working in my garden.  I played in the dirt.  I smelled the flowers.  I watched the birds, bees, and butterflies dance in the garden.  I harvested fruit, vegetables, and herbs.  I witness the circle of life in my garden from season to season.  Feeling the powerful energy of how interconnected we all are.    The circle of life is short my friends.  Soak in the memories, share your feelings, and take time to be alone with yourself to ponder life. I took the following pictures throughout the 2010 garden season.     I will be ringing in the New Year tonight with family and friends and planning my new garden for 2011 tomorrow.  May God Bless you and Happy New Year!

City Girl