Learning Curve

It's official.  I am a newby again!  Darla got me a new camera for Christmas.   A beautiful Kodak Z981.  Along with the camera came a whole new list of challenges.  I was anxious to dive in and explore the world with my new camera.  So my dear friend, adviser, and mentor Penny eagerly offered her professional assistance.   Now not many people would volunteer to go out on a freezing, windy, yet sunny day to take pictures and help me with settings on the new camera.  Penny arrived smiling, bundled up, and ready to tackle all obstacles.   We went to Riverscape downtown and took numerous shots.     We made a few other stops and headed home to warm up and the plan was to head out again later in the evening to Woodland Lights. I was so excited!  I got home and plugged in the USB cable, hit the magic button to upload the pictures, and to my surprise I found no photos on the memory card.  Wow, I was bummed out.   I sent  a text to Penny and we established a game plan for our next adventure that evening.   We bundled up again and went to Woodland Lights.    We were confident this we would find success with the camera.   We started out slowly taking shots one at-a-time.   Checking and rechecking the camera settings and reviewing each shot to make sure it was stored.   We spent more than an hour taking photos.   Again, I was excited to get the photos uploaded.  Again I retrieved the USB cable, hit the magic button, and again I received the message there were no photos on the card.   I was extremely disappointed and the frustration mounted.    Darla took the camera and walked around the house snapped a few times, tested the memory card, and there were pictures on the card this time.    We have no idea what was different and may never know.  So the camera was set aside until the next morning.

I went out again around the house and experimented with the camera.  Took a few shots and then immediately tested.  Finally, I achieved success.  So I went out again and again.  Each time with success.   Anyway, I have recognized there is a huge learning curve that goes along with the Kodak Z981.   I look forward to the challenge and I will not let it get the best of me.   Here are a few of my successful shots.

A big thank you is sent to my support crew Penny, Darla, and Amanda!

City Girl