Soul Mining 2010

In 2000 I made my first discovery board after reading Simple Abundance. I had significant changes in my life and was having difficulty dealing with everything. Embracing the process helped discover new things about myself. It was a scary journey yet rewarding. I made another board in 2003 and today I almost finished my board for 2010. It is amazing to go back in time and review the boards. The growth and realization that we are all a work in progress. Molding and developing our inner spirit.

Here is a snapshot into my Soul Mining for 2010. I would like to propose this project for the members of Stone Soup Community. Grab a piece of poster board, a stack of magazines, your imagination, head over to potluck armed and ready to do a little soul mining. I will hold off completing my board until we can all meet together for this project. Are you in or out?