Walk on Water

For the last 10 years I have spent my working days divided between two locations 26 miles apart. Until the last few months, I spent two days a week in New Lebanon and three days a week in Huber Heights. Now I spend four days a week in New Lebanon and one day a week in Huber Heights. If you are familiar with the very small town of New Lebanon, you are aware that it is in the middle of farm country. A grocery store, drug store, dollar store, a few other shops and very few places to eat lunch. However, one little gem is a small park sitting behind the government center. This is where I find peace and solitude on my lunch hour almost everyday. Throughout the years I have watched the landscape change, the regular people visiting the park change, and the wildlife change. I have decided to document the seasons and wildlife with my new camera. So, a new project has begun. Today I witnessed the ducks walking on water. The pond was semi-frozen. The ducks slid across the ice until the point of hitting the water. I laughed a time or two watching them making their way to the water for an afternoon swim. Watch the ducks through my eyes. I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me. (**Tip -- Click on the picture to see the full view.)


City Girl