What really matters

I have now lost 11.75 inches off my body. That to me is incredible. I haven't lost much weight but clothes are fitting different and I feel good.I am looking forward to this even getting larger. I think the key has been the big ball I flop around on. I like to do crunches and side stretches on it. I'm sure the people at the gym think I am crazy and I guess I technically am....LOL Just wanted to keep you posted! I'll write more soon...Mid terms this week!


Penny Shurte

Penny Shurte is a freelance photographer out of Beavercreek, Ohio. She is an avid gardener, a lover of traveling, a wife, caregiver, a pet mom and a person that can make you smile. You just never know where you might find her or what she might be getting into and writing about.

Day 31 - Where Does The TIme Go

All I can say is I am not quite sure where January went. But in a way it is like a new beginning. I have spent the last 31 days changing what I eat and How I take care of me. I feel better then I have felt in years. I have lost 10.5 inches off my body that I will never ever see again. I have been doing a lot of self assessment and have come to the conclusion that I am a pretty smart cookie and that I was ready to make this change. Don't call the funny farm yet.

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