Thalia's Oral Exam (A Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Story)


IF THE L WORD (hot fantasy lesbians), Sex and the City (engaging in girl talk), and Seinfeld (about nothing) were dumped into a martini shaker, what would emerge is the Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist series. The series both informs and entertains the reader as the heroine becomes your own personal virtual sex therapist.

I belong to an amazing group on Facebook, a gathering of my people, lesbians who love to read and write lesbian fiction. We get into some pretty crazy discussions from time to time. Most recently, we had a discussion over words we'd rather not see in our beloved lesfic stories. My personal favorite is panties. If I never hear nor read that word again, I would be eternally grateful to the lesfic community.

From that discussion, another branched off where we discussed various names for women's anatomy, those we preferred, and those we'd rather not read or hear. One of the members wrote a blog post where she wrote a short paragraph using the icky words from a list she compiled with our enthusiastic assistance. From that blog post, a challenge emerged for those of us so inclined, to write a flash fiction story which incorporates all of the proper clinical names for the various parts of the female genitalia. I accepted the challenge. And here is my contribution to the fine literature unleashed on the unsuspecting members of this innocent lot.

This story takes us back into Thalia’s college undergraduate days where’s she’s feeling the stress of her impending orals, the last hurdle to clear before she begins work on her MDiv in Pastoral Counseling.

Will she pass her orals or will her crush on Ms. Hanson destroy her dreams?

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