What happens when a mother tries to kill her baby girl?

Cassandra, or rather Cassie, knows the answer to this question all too well.

She's faced more heartache in the first twelve years of her life than most of us ever face, certainly in one lifetime. Her life starts out simple enough; that is for a baby in foster care. But when her struggles and violent outbursts are given a name—Asperger Syndrome—any shred of hope for a bright future is lost forever.

Or is it?

The Slug Bug Chronicles is Cassie's story, told through the lens of Asperger Syndrome. She takes us along for the ride on her journey filled with fear and self-loathing where she contends with her sexual identity, self-harm, and a broken mental health system.

What does Cassie need to alter the course of her life?

She forms a reluctant bond with her therapist who helps transform her love of the iconic Volkswagen® Bug into a meditative happy place she can visit whenever she becomes overwhelmed by a life filled with pain no child should have to endure. And then it happens. It's the moment Cassie has been waiting for her whole life. She finds love in the strangest of places.

And on this road, The Slug Bug Chronicles becomes the best possible love story—a self love story.


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